marine services

marine services

Shipping Movements

Check the following tables to find out what ships are currently in port and due to arrive in the coming days.

Ships Currently in Port

ETATimeName of ShipBerthCargo/L/DAgentETDTime ETDLast/Next Port
Seastar Empress8Load/LogsNautilus30 Mar03:45ETA 24/17:00
Theresa Micronesia3ADisch/MolassesPacific27 Mar01:30ETA 25/06:00

Ships Scheduled for Arrival

ETATimeName of ShipBerthCargo/L/DAgentETDTime ETDLast/Next Port
27 Mar14:15Genco ChargerTYDisch/AluminaPacific29 Mar22:00ETA 26/18:00
27 Mar02:00MatukuTY/11Disch/FuelCOLL27 Mar13:45Shift to 11 13:45 27/03
28 Mar02:45AEC Belief5Disch/FertPacific29 Mar03:00ETA 27/22:00
29 Mar15:45La Guimorias8Disch/PhosphateBain31 Mar11:15ETA 30/16:00
29 Mar03:30Stolt Kikyo3ADisch/Sulphuric AcidWilhelmsenETA 28/23:00
30 Mar04:15Gotfried Schulte4Exchan/ContainersMSC31 Mar04:30
4 Apr08:00Glorious Starlight8Disch/UreaGilship5 Apr05:00ETA 04/06:00
16 Apr17:30Berge RashiriTYDisch/AluminaPacific19 Apr13:45ETA 16/17:30
19 Apr13:30Nord TokyoTYDisch/CokePacific21 Apr03:15ETA 15/16:45
21 Apr09:30Mount OwenTYDisch/CokePacific23 Apr17:30ETA 16/17:30
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This information is updated as it changes. South Port endeavours to ensure that all information is accurate, but can take no responsibility for any error the database may contain.