marine services

marine services

Wind & Tide Conditions

The following are current wind and tide conditions in Bluff Harbour.

South Port New Zealand Limited - Bluff Tide & Wind Readings - Last 24 Hours

Tide Readings (in metres)

Last Reading: 0.751m at 20:09:00 on 26/03/2017
Lowest reading: 0.737m Highest reading: 2.727m

Wind Speed Readings (in knots)

Last Reading: 8 at 20:09:00 on 26/03/2017 Peak Reading in last 24 hours: 22

Wind Direction (in degrees)

Last Reading: 177 at 20:09:00 on 26/03/2017

Please refer to the compass image below to convert degress into North/South/East/West etc.